Morgins – La Foilleuse trail

Going up to la Foilleuse

If the idea of an uphill sprint on skis by moonlight sounds like fun, then the Foilleuse Vertical is for you!  With a 525-metre elevation gain over just 2.66 km, this ski touring ascent appeals to beginners, amateurs and die-hard ‘skinners’ training for the iconic Patrouille des Glaciers race.  But what really sets the Montée de la Foilleuse apart from other ski touring sufferfests is the convivial atmosphere that reigns supreme on this well-travelled slope.  Even the hardest-training skiers are here for the fun of it.

  • Last slope 9h30 PM

Rando Park – the Original

Nothing beats the feeling of earning your turns!  In December 2016, Morgins announced the creation of the very first ski touring park in Valais.  The first, and arguably the best of its kind, Touring Tracks Rando Park in Morgins offers a unique approach to ski touring. Seven marked trails of varying difficulty provide a safe training ground for skiers of all levels and ensure better cohabitation between alpine skiers and ski tourers.  The Rando Park’s purpose is to encourage the practice of this fun and challenging sport in a way that respects the environment and our fellow winter-sports lovers.


Last winter, local SkiMo champion Yannick Ecoeur added new trails to the existing itineraries.  This constant drive for improvement means that the park’s most frequent users won’t feel like they’re skiing a rut and keeps Morgins on the forefront of ski-touring destinations.

Three blue trails, three red trails and one black trail offer routes ranging from 35 minutes to 2 ½ hours with an average altitude gain of 600 m. For more info, check out the map and information billboard at the departure point or swing by one of the local tourist offices for a handy, pocket-sized trail map.

Movement Tracks Challenge

Région Dents du Midi offers the MOVEMENT Tracks Challenge on STRAVA to measure yourself against the great champions on the red trail “L’Abérieu” on the Rando-Parc de Morgins.

Always on the lookout for novelties to help the ski touring community grow, Region Dents du Midi offers THE winter challenge!

Measure yourself against MOVEMENT athletes such as Thibe Deseyn, Kilian Granger and Yannick Ecoeur on the most competitive track of the Rando-Parc.

It couldn’t be simpler:

  1. Log in to the STRAVA application and join the MOVEMENT SWITZERLAND club (link accessible at the bottom of the page).
  2. Go to the start of the Rando-Parc (Place du 6 Août in Morgins) to begin your itinerary on the Abérieu track.
  3. Activate your GPS on your smartphone, launch the STRAVA application and start your route!
  4. At the end of your itinerary, fill in the online form to request your participation pack consisting of :
    1x MOVEMENT neck warmer
    1x microfiber towel
    1x MOVEMENT notebook
    1x MOVEMENT stickers pack
    1x surprise goodie offered by Région Dents du Midi

2021 season races

  1. Timed climb to la Foilleuse – Saturday, March 6th, 2021 – 7 PM in Morgins
  2. Morgins Yannick Ecoeur Trophy – Saturday, March 20th, 2021 – 9 AM in Morgins
  3. Ski Alpi Champéry – Cancelled

Trail datas

Altitude difference: 525m
Start: 1289m (Place du 6 août)
Finish: 1814m

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