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Warning, danger of death !

Do not use any other piste than those open for night tours.
The snow groomers are often attached to a cable winch, which can be hundreds of meters long. Those cables are barely visible and can constitute mortal traps for night tourers.

Five rules for ski tourers using pistes

1. The runs are closed, so out of bounds, outside the operating hours of the transport facilities.
Operating hours must also be respected by ski tourers. Danger of death! Only runs that are expressly open may be used for ski touring
outside the hours of operation.

2.  The 10 FIS rules for conduct apply to all users of wintersport runs.Ski tourers using the pistes must particularly observe the following rules:

  • keep to the side of the piste when climbing

  • only climb in single file

  • do not cross in places where visibility is restricted

  • take particular care in the vicinity of mounds, in narrow passages, on steep slopes and in the presence of black ice

  • respect downhill skiers: these have priority

3. Instructions from the piste and rescue services must always be followed.

4. When particular circumstances require it, the relevant ski-lift operator may prohibit ski tourers from accessing its winter sport runs.

5.  Protected areas and quiet zones for fauna must be respected at all times. Forest areas must be avoided at dusk and at night (particularly with headlamps).