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The principle

Weather conditions permitting, the Rando Nocturne Association offers safe ski-touring routes (climbing skins required), which are open in the evenings during the week throughout the winter. They are easy enough for skiers of all abilities, with an average difference in altitude of 800 metres.

After your exertions you can enjoy a well earned break and a meal at one of the restaurants at the end of each route.

For further information, and to check whether these routes are open, please visit our website.

Challenge Groupe Mutuel by Rando Nocturne

For the 2023-2024 winter season, the association is delighted to announce its partnership with the PopUp Challenge. Initiated in 2020 in the Vallée de Bagnes by journalist Romy Moret, this challenge encourages mountain and terroir enthusiasts to explore, through hiking, specific sites of interest in a given region. A special “Rando Nocturne” edition will be integrated into the application, enabling all routes to be validated as soon as night-time routes are secured.

The Association Rando Nocturne is delighted with this collaboration, which will undoubtedly help to strengthen communication around ski touring and guarantee safe, responsible practice.

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