Bruson trail


La Côt – La Pasay


From the car park in La Côt, take the hiking trail which heads up to Moay, just after passing the drag lift of the same name.

Then follow the marked ski touring route (pink signs) which leads to the top of the La Pasay chairlift via Les Otanes.

Do not go onto the slopes as there is risk of death due to the snowcat cables.


Take the Moneyeu and Pissevache trail until reaching the stables in La Pasay. Then follow the La Pasay piste, alongside the chair lift, until reaching the path that leads to the car park in La Côt.

Do not descend on the La Pasay piste as there is a risk of death due to the snowcat cables.

Please note
A descent along the marked, groomed pistes is only permitted on Thursday evenings – the official evening for cross-country skiing in the Bruson sector.

  • Last slope at 9.15pm

Trail datas

Altitude difference : 610m
Start : 1549m
Finish : 2159m


PLEASE NOTE: The restaurant is not open in the evening; only the heated picnic room is accessible.

Email pasay@televerbier.ch

Info cancellation

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