Vercorin – Crêts-du-Midi trail

Vercorin – Crêts du Midi

The Vercorin skiing area offers snowshoe walks every Tuesday night, with a choice of three routes. Route 2 uses the ski run, which is therefore made completely safe for walkers on Tuesdays. The other two routes pass across areas which, although safe, are not waymarked and therefore require some map-reading ability.

Route 1 – The Hiker, via Sigeroulaz (red line)

Start from the Le Lavioz snack bar (10 mins walk from the car park on the outskirts of the village). Follow the waymarked snowshoeing route that runs diagonally westwards, as far as the Route du Ban (alt. 1500m). At the point where the paths cross, head towards Sigeroulaz on the fairly steep path that runs SW through the forest. On emerging from the forest, follow the ski run, and then, at the intermediate ski lift station, continue along the red ski run towards the Crêt du Midi.

Route 2 – The Athlete, via the ski run (blue line)

Start from the ski lift. Follow the blue ski run to Sigeroulaz, and then to the Crêt du Midi. Every Tuesday, the ski run is made safe for walkers.

Route 3 – The Explorer, via l’A de Bran and Santa Maria (green line)

Start as for Route 1. Where the routes meet at the Route du Ban (alt. 1500m), take the path for l’A de Bran that runs through the forest. Walk across the clearing at l’A de Bran then, at the crossroads (alt. 1811m), continue walking up the ski run towards Santa Maria. Keep walking eastwards along the ski run and rejoin Route 1 at an altitude of 2000m. Continue along the ski run, walking to the Crêt du Midi via Les Planards.

All descents are made via the blue ski run from Le Crêt du Midi to Vercorin via Sigeroulaz. The ski run is made safe for walkers on Tuesdays.

  • Last slope at 10PM

  • Headtorch obligatory

Trail datas

Start: Vercorin 1340m
Stop: Crêts du Midi 2332m
Altitude difference: 1000m


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